Cinema do Brasil provides support for the distribution of Brazilian films, produced by associate member companies, to international film theatres.

• Up to US$ 15,000 to distributors who release Brazilian films within their own national territories, to cover the costs of promotional expenses/P&A (prints and advertising).

• Submissions are open twice a year, from February to June and from July to October.

• Cinema do Brasil must receive the contracts established between the distributors, the holder of the international rights and the Brazilian producer, who should be associated to the Programme, along with a proposal including the application form and P&A plan.

• The Distributor must invest an amount equal to or greater than the grant awarded by Cinema do Brasil.


• Sales agents who have a Brazilian film in the official selection of the Berlin, Cannes, Locarno, Venice and San Sebastián film festivals can apply for support from Cinema do Brasil.

• Up to US$ 25,000 to cover the film’s promotional expenses at the targeted Festival.

• Registrations are to be made within 7 days of publication of the official selection for the festival, upon presentation of the official invitation letter and a film marketing strategy for the Festival.

Check out the requirements: www.cinemadobrasil.org.br