Patrícia Oliveira

Executive manager

Patrícia Oliveira holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy Management from USP, a post-graduate degree in Cultural Projects Management from USP and a specialist in Administrative Law from PUC. Worked with the municipal and state government of São Paulo, including the position of General Director of the Theatro Municipal Foundation of São Paulo. She has also worked as Spcine’s Counselor and coordinated the Pontos Mis program, which aims to democratize access to cinema in the State of São Paulo.


Karen Halley

Trade Promotion and Communication

Public Relations, has coordinated cultural projects at the British Council for seven years, responsible for the contact with foreign artists and cultural institutions, establishment of partnerships, production of events and communications planning, including press relations, production of content and promotional materials. Worked in cultural projects for films, theater, music and visual arts. Institutional relations manager during two years at Buriti Filmes, taking care of the sponsors for Cine Tela Brasil, Cinema no Ar and Oficina Tela Brasil – touring audiovisual projects.


Marika Kozlovska

International Consultant

Throughout her more than ten years of experience within the creative industries, Marika Kozlovska has been an active event organizer at international festivals and a worldwide producer’s representative. Marika has thus acquired a wide network of producers, which in last two years enabled her to perform as a strategical consultant in film finance. She has been working at several film- and co-production markets, such as IFF Rome, the Berlinale, Festival de Cannes, Baltic Sea Documentary Forum, etc. In last years she has been giving workshops about film financing in Europe as well as participating at international panels at film festivals.

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