Cold Cut

Associado: bigBonsai

Cold Cut tells the story of an indigenous boy who breaks up with his mother in order to pursue his biggest dream: to move to the city and live like a white man. Through working hard at the production line of a meat-packing company, Rivaldo is picked as a pupil by the almighty Elias, a model employee who teaches the boy everything. With a good salary, Rivaldo rises to the top - from buying the best 'tuned' car among the employees to conquering the cutest blond sweetheart in town - he has it all. But Rivaldo is not happy yet and wants to top the company’s career ladder by becoming, just like his mentor, a bleeder - the elite position at the slaughterhouse. But what is the cost of it all? As Rivaldo enjoys his capital achievements, his indigenous roots come back through the presence of his dead father, just to make him realise he is transforming himself into his mentor: an obtuse, soulless man with a veiled addiction: bleeding.


Idioma: Português

Direção: Cassiano Prado

Produção: bigBonsai

Roteiro: Murilo Hauser

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