The Book of Delights

Associado: bigBonsai

THE BOOK OF DELIGHTS tells the story about the encounter between Lori and Ulisses and the personal challenges both face to accept love.

Teacher at an elementary school, melancholic, reserved and anxious, Lori lives a monotonous routine stucked between her school duties and furtive relationships, which highlights her difficulty in establishing meaningful relationships. By chance she gets to know Ulisses, an eminent psychology professor from Argentina, seductive and provocative, but who still knows nothing about women.

From an innocent ride home, to sex on the first night, they both face the vacuous and mechanic way it all happened. Curiosity and attraction controls them. Starting from there, a perverse play is established where Lori puts herself as the victim, apparently submissive, while Ulisses tries to understand his true instincts. Things finally change for Lóri when she faces her shadows and frees herself from the role of object to become the subject of her own pleasure, beginning to feel equal to Ulysses.

After one year of waiting, Lóri learns to live through the humanization of her desires, where love is not anymore the mere satisfaction of her instincts. She needs to discover herself complete to finally recognize the pleasure of being with the other and to live a love raised to a human, conscious and individual level.

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