Conheça os contemplados da 2ª fase do Apoio à Distribuição

Data: 19/12/2017

Since 2009, through its partnership with Apex-Brasil, the Cinema do Brasil programme has been providing support for the distribution of Brazilian films produced by its member companies, to be screened in international cinemas.

This edition of the award will bring the Brazilian production to very different countries and cultures, such as Taiwan, Paris, Germany and United States. That diversity can also be found among the productions to be supported.

Elis, Joint Entertainment

In order to take part in the program, companies that already had distribution agreements signed with Brazilian producers associated with Cinema do Brasil submitted their international distribution plans. The basic requirements for participation included the exhibition of the film in at least three cities in the territory covered by the distributor or an exhibition period in a same city for at least four consecutive weeks. In return, each contemplated company must invest at least the same amount granted by the Award.


In its nine editions, the Distribution Support has benefited the launching of films such as The Violin Teacher, in Greece; The Second Mother, in Amsterdam; Just Like Our Parents, in Poland, among others.


Check out the complete list below:

Just Like Our Parents (Laís Bodanzky) MovieCloud – Taiwan
Body Electric (Marcelo Caetano) Optimale Distribution – France
Elis (Hugo Prata) Joint Entertainment – Tawain
Gabriel and the Mountain (Felipe Barbosa) Joint Entertainment – Taiwan
Pendular (Julia Murat) Big World Pictures – United States
A Sort of Family (Diego Lerman) 2iFilm – Croatia
On Wheels (Mauro D’Addio) Frealize – Romania
Zama (Lucrécia Martel) New Wave Films (UK/Irland), Strand Realeasing (USA), Yeni Bir (Turkey)


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