Cinema do Brasil Program celebrates 15 years of participation at Berlinale

Data: 9/02/2020

The Cinema do Brasil Program that promotes the presence of Brazilian audiovisual productions in the international market, celebrates its 15th participation in the prestigious Berlin Film Festival. The event takes place from February 20th to March 1st.

The theme of Cinema do Brasil’s in the festival is a reference of the Brazilian films selected during this 15 years at Berlinale: 128 Brazilian films and counting…! This time, the numbers are record, there are 19 films selected in the different categories, among feature films and short films. Of this total, 12 titles are from associated to Cinema do Brasil producers. The program also celebrates the so desired Golden Bear with the film “All the Dead Ones” by Caetano Gotardo and Marco Dutra.

This year, the Program is supported by OEI  – Organization of Ibero-American States.

Check here the list of films selected for the festival



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