Institutional Partners

Itamaraty – Ministry of Foreign Relations

The Cultural Department of Itamaraty – the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Relations – works with public and private organizations of the audiovisual sector in order to reinforce the presence of Brazilian films and television programs throughout the world. The promotion of audiovisual products overseas has a double nature: while publicizing the national culture it also facilitates contacts for their commercialization. Brazil is able to participate in this huge global market thanks to its expressive film production and the excellence of its television, which reflect the major cultural diversity of the country and the technical competence of its professionals.

Brazilian National Film Agency – ANCINE

ANCINE – the Brazilian National Film Agency is a regulatory body attributed with the promotion, regulation and inspection of the film and audiovisual market in Brazil. It is a special governmental agency, empowered with administrative and financial autonomy and linked since 2003 to the Ministry of Culture; with head offices and venue in the Federal District of Brasília, a central office in Rio de Janeiro and a regional office in São Paulo.

The institutional mission of ANCINE is to induce isonomic conditions for competition in the relationships with the economic agents for cinematographic and video-phonographic activity in Brazil, providing support for the development of a strong, competitive and self-sustaining industry. Having reached the end of its implementation and consolidation, ANCINE now faces the challenge of enhancing its regulatory instruments, acting in all parts of the productive chain for the sector, generating incentive for private investment so that more national and independent audiovisual productions can be seen by an ever larger number of Brazilian viewers.

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