About Us

To favor the growth of film productions on the internal market, boosting the reach of Brazilian films on the international market has proven to be a conquest that is increasingly closer for the Brazilian audiovisual industry.

The distribution and circulation of these films is in dialogue with the continuity of the stable and positive phase experienced by the Country in the face of the global economic scenario. Inserted within this context, the goal of Cinema do Brasil program is to increase participation of the national film industry in the overseas market, providing incentive for co-productions, distribution and exchange of the film works in a variety of countries. This being so, the program promotes the image of Brazil overseas and encourages the creation of new opportunities in the film industry.

Cinema do Brasil is an export promotion program run by the São Paulo State Audiovisual Industry Association (SIAESP) in partnership with the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). The program is supported by the Brazilian Foreign Relations Ministry (MRE) and the Brazilian National Film Agency (ANCINE).

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