Dead fag

Associado: Sancho&Punta

Pitangueiras, 40 thousand inhabitants, a typical town in Sao Paulo´s country side. There, nothing happens and nothing changes. Without much recreational options, the youngsters in town create their routine around the main square. Marcelo, a 19-year old young gay guy, dies underfoot the only building in town. It is as if, from that moment on, an invisible curfew determined the directions of the lives of his closest friends - the Group of the Gay. Two months after their friend´s death, the group tries to break the grieve, meeting again, as a tribute to Marcelo. Day by day, they try to resume the life they had before, their parties, clothes, retaking the spaces of the city where they practiced their freedom and sexuality without fear. But something seems different. A Black Pick-up Truck patrols Pitangueiras. The confront seems inevitable. The fags resist.


Idioma: Português

Direção: Felipe Santo

Cast: -

Produção: Sancho&Punta

Coprodução: -

Roteiro: Felipe Santo

Local da filmagem: Pitangueiras/SP

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