Once there was Brasília

Associado: Sancho&Punta

In 1959, the intergalactic officer WA4 is arrested for making an illegal allotment and is thrown into outer space. He receives a mission: come to Earth and the kill the Brazilian president, Juscelino Kubitschek, on the day of the inauguration of Brasília. His spaceship is lost in time and lands in year 2016 in the neighborhood of Ceilândia.​

​This is the version told by​ ​Marquim do Tropa, actor and abducted man. Only Andreia, the queen of the post-war, will be able to help them put up an army and kill the monsters that live in the National Congress nowadays. This is a documentary shot in the year 0 P.C. (Post Coup), in the Federal District and surrounding area.

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