Engraved in bones

Associado: Sancho&Punta

In the city of Sao Paulo, forensic anthropologists investigate the identities of bodies found at a common trench at the Perus Indigent Cemetery. Such burials date back to the 70´s, zenith of the Brazilian military dictatorship. There, more than one thousand carcasses were buried, with no trace of documentation. The same group of anthropologists also investigates the crimes of May, 2006, when, in full democracy, the military police murdered more than 400 inhabitants of the city´s outskirts, throughout one week. Although three decades apart, there is much uniting both cases. Escrito em Ossos is a documentary about violence and impunity by the Brazilian State. About the fight of relatives who, against all state resistance, struggle to claim the identity of their dead.


Idioma: Português

Direção: Tainá Muhringer

Cast: -

Produção: Sancho&Punta

Coprodução: -

Roteiro: Tainá Muhringer

Local da filmagem: São Paulo/SP

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