Associado: Sancho&Punta

A French retired diplomat and his Brazilian wife buy an old, abandoned farm on a paradisiac island in the northeast of Brazil. When they get there, they find out there is a small and isolated fisherman´s village in part of the land, descendants from an old German colony. They are blond, tall and have blue eyes. The inhabitants offer to take care of the farm and, in exchange, the new owners would let them continue their lives at the place. Four youngsters from the village are sent to work with the couple. They have a sinister aspect: one wears an eye patch, another one visibly lame, one is full of scars on his face and the last one is dumb. Despite the initial kindness of the youngsters, their behavior changes to threatening and dangerous. After a long night of storm, the couple finds out the inhabitants of the island suffer from a rare syndrome: they​ ​don´t​ ​feel​ ​pain.​ Fearing for their recently acquired farm and for their lives, the newly arrived couple decides to take a drastic action that will lead to a violent, unexpected confront. A conflict of social classes, territories and borders is established to question the limits and types of pain through a horror social thriller.


Idioma: Português, francês, alemão

Direção: Michael Wahrmann

Cast: -

Produção: Sancho&Punta

Coprodução: -

Roteiro: Michael Wahrmann Alejandro Fadel Diego Lerer

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